Our tasting experiences

Our Company offers a warm welcome to our friends who can enjoy amazing tastings and gourmet lunches with our genuine extra virgin olive oil.

Cold pressing is a mechanical method aimed at extracting oil from olives at a controlled temperatures always below 27° C in each step and without any kind of chemical treatment. The method allows to get a very high-quality extra virgin olive oil because a temperature higher than 27° C of the olive paste better allows the extraction of the oil and a time reduction. However, that higher temperature modifies the organoleptic and nutritional properties because of the polyphenols’ destruction.

The oil is stocked in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature, the that preserves the product from rapid oxidation. After a short period of rest, the oil goes through a natural filtration process. Finally, the bottling happens according to orders in order to keep the oil always fresh for the final consumer.